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Agincourt Hyundai is pleased to welcome you to our
Friends & Family Rewards - where membership earns you rewards for successfully referring friends, family & co-workers to our dealership. A successful referral is one that results in a vehicle sale.

How does the Referral Program work?

Well, if you are already an Hyundai customer, simply sign up for your Friends & Family Rewards Card in one of our dealerships!

Once you have your membership number & password, you're on your way to getting your rewards! Our Online Web System makes it simple for you to send & track your referrals.

When a successful referral is made, the rewards are loaded onto your card. The Friends & Family Rewards Card acts as a debit card. The funds on the card can be spent anywhere in the world where MasterCard is accepted, both at ATMs &
Point-of-Sale locations.

There are some rewards guidelines in referring your friends & family:

#1. Your referral must specifically ask for your sales representative & they must tell the sales representative that you sent them before the sales process begins.

#2. Other members of the Friends & Family Rewards Program as well as previous customers cannot be referrals. If someone has bought a vehicle from us before, or if they have received a Referral Reward, they are not eligible to earn you rewards.

#3. In the event that your sales representative is not at the dealership, instruct your referral to inform one of the Sales Managers. They will facilitate the reward for you.

#4. Your rewards chart increases with every referral throughout the year & will reset to the Level 1 at the beginning of each calender year. Please feel free to send as many referrals as possible every year!

Agincourt Hyundai Friends & Family Rewards has been formed to thank you for sharing your positive experience with others & for recommending Agincourt Hyundai.

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