The All New 2016 Tucson Fuel Cell

As the first automotive manufacturer to offer Fuel Cell Electric vehicles to Canadians, Hyundai has made it possible to travel over 400km on one tank with zero-emissions and without needing hours to recharge.

These two new vehicle wraps are a beautiful way to draw attention to the Tucson Fuel Cell's benefits for the environment and your pioneering spirit. Choose from two wrap designs: The Wave themed wrap is available with all vehicle colors, while the Topography themed wrap is only available on Winter White and Chromium Silver vehicles. And best of all, the wrap and installation are included at no additional cost. Just select your preference when you fill out your driver's application. Want to go incognito? That's OK, just mark your choice on the application.

The Tucson Fuel Cell has passed numerous on-road tests for safety and durability conducted over an accumulated distance of 2 million miles. Plus, with features like its high-strength carbon fiber-wrapped fuel tank and several safety systems designed to protect passengers and first responders, the Tucson Fuel Cell is as safe as any vehicle.

While the Tucson Fuel Cell's motor performs just as strongly as an internal combustion engine, its only emission is water. And it's just as quiet as a standard EV, while going farther on a single fuel fill-up versus a single full charge. Plus, the Tucson Fuel Cell qualifies for federal and state rebates and you can register it to drive solo in HOV lanes.

It takes less than 10 minutes to fully fill the Tucson Fuel Cell, compared to current EVs, which require up to 3 hours with a 240V charge, or up to 14 hours with a 110V charge.

As the first mass-produced hydrogen powered vehicle on the road, the driving range of the Tucson Fuel Cell is up to 265 miles;* similar to many cars available today, yet its only emission is water.

Smooth, silent power in an instant. None of the emissions.

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