The All New 2017 Sonata Hybrid Plugin

Its high-capacity battery system offers the option to plug into a regular household electrical outlet for an additional power source. The result: Sonata Plug-in Hybrid relies more on electric-only operation to deliver extended driving range and MPG. The vehicle will be distributed and stocked at Hyundai dealerships located in 10 states. Here's the list.

Worried about venturing farther than your electric vehicle range will let you? Relax. Get outside your charging zone.

Sonata Plug-in Hybrid has the largest battery system capacity amongst midsize sedans, offering a class-leading All-Electric Range (AER). Sonata Plug-in Hybrid lets you keep going by using both gas and electricity combined.

The Sonata Plug-in Hybrid starts with more total interior volume than the Fusion Energi. And to make loading and unloading even easier, there's also a standard hands-free smart trunk.

Use voice-recognition or the interactive standard 8-inch touchscreen for directions without distractions. SiriusXM Travel Link® allows you to search for nearby businesses like gas stations, ATMs or restaurants. It also gives you a clear picture of current traffic situations, the weather, stocks and sports, all in real time. Plus, it can even let you know fuel prices and movie times.

An extremely focused design and engineering effort, plus relentless wind tunnel testing give the Sonata Plug-in Hybrid an industry-leading coefficient of drag, measured at 0.24 Cd. The benefits of this beautiful design add up mile after fuel-efficient mile.

Some like it hot. Others prefer keeping it cool. Either way this available feature ends those front-seat climate conflicts by letting the driver and front seat passenger set and monitor temperature separately.
If you drift outside your lane with signaling, this available system is designed to inform you with an audible and a visual cue.

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