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Tire and Wheel Centre

No one knows how to care for your Hyundai better than the experts at Agincourt Hyundai. Certified Service consultants and technicians know your vehicle inside and out. When it comes to parts, including tires, we understand that the right components provide superb performance and handling for the highest quality standards. Trust Agincourt Hyundai to have the right tires when you need them. Help ensure a safe, comfortable ride with tires provided by Agincourt Hyundai.
Performance, Comfort and Safety
Agincourt Hyundai provides tire options in all approved sizes to meet most customers' brand preferences. Competitively priced tires are selected to provide an exceptional driving experience with characteristics including superior handling for wet or dry traction, stability, tread life, acoustics, comfort and rolling resistance, which impacts fuel economy. These considerations, as well as load and speed ratings, determine which brands and tire types are suggested for your vehicle.
6 Reasons To Own Winter Tires
1) Grip
When temperatures drop to 7 degrees Celsius or lower summer tires begin to harden, which causes them to loose grip and traction.
2) Don't Compromise!
All season tires, like a fall jacket, are good at covering you in average temperatures, however, in the freezing cold stopping distances can increase 30 to 40 percent when compared to winter tires.
3) Avoid the water works
Winter tires are primarily designed to move water - when your tires apply pressure to snow or ice they melt the top section creating a thin film of water -if the water is not moved out of the way the car will hydroplane! Winter tires quickly move water away and allow the tire to make contact and grip.
4) Sometimes AWD just isn't enough
Believe it or not AWD vehicles help mostly with acceleration- not stopping! However, when it comes to turning the vehicle, limits are determined by the amount of grip and traction.
5) Quality Counts
Premium winter tires will perform better than most basic models. You are paying for the latest rubber technology and tread patterns available which can perform 15% better than an economically-priced winter tire.
6) It's about compound, not tread!
The most important part of a winter tire is the composition of its rubber compound - which stays soft and pliable in freezing temperatures.
The soft rubber treads wrap around imperfections and create traction almost anywhere. Summer tires, on the other hand, harden as temperatures fall.

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