2016 Hyundai Veloster Exterior

We designed the Veloster to stand out and that's exactly what it does. With vivid color options, a unique 3-door design and its long list of premium features, you're going to love looking at it as much as you love driving it. While the Turbo and the Turbo R-Spec give you even greater visual impact with their unique front grille and bodykit.
Notice anything different on the passenger side of Veloster? Expressive styling and smart features like the stealth third door turn form and function into a powerful attraction. The result offers the look of a sporty coupe with the added benefit of easy access for rear-seat passengers.
In addition to its impressive horsepower, handling mods and light weight, the Turbo R-Spec offers several clues on its exterior that give a signal to others that you're driving a high-value, high-performance vehicle. These include R-Spec exterior badging and available front splitter, plus side-blade exterior accents in red that put the perfect touch on Veloster's signature exterior design.
What's better than a Veloster Turbo? A Veloster Turbo in Matte Gray paint. Get the limited-edition finish for that aftermarket look and make the most out of Veloster Turbo's unique style. It's just one of the unique features that makes the Veloster Turbo unlike any other car on the road.
When it comes to the exhaust, performance and style work hand-in-hand to provide a distinctive, signature look. The Veloster has unique squared, chrome-tipped dual exhaust, while the Veloster Turbo distinguishes itself with centered round exhaust ports. Whenever you head off on another adventure, you'll find yourself leaving the crowd, and an impression, behind.
Veloster's available 18-inch alloy wheels give it an aggressive presence on the road. You can also get available painted wheel inserts that provide personality and a custom touch. Just how custom? Veloster is the only sporty coupe that offers them.
Veloster Turbo comes with 18-inch alloy wheels with special chrome inserts. The larger wheels fill out the wheelwell and combine with the bodykit to give this car a strong sporty stance.
The available panoramic sunroof improves your view to the top. With the touch of a finger, transform the comfortable cabin and fill it with air, energy and light. It's your chance to feel the rush, and see it, too.
The Veloster Turbo further sets itself apart with its wide-mouthed grille and bodykit for a low, aggressive stance. It also features fascia-encased front fog lights and projector headlights with unique LED accents.
Get used to the spotlight. An aggressive front grille, flanked by distinctive LED headlight accents and a beveled hood with dual scoops, gives Veloster a look that sets it apart from the competition.
A dozen duffels? Several snowboards? A mountain bike? The Veloster's convenient hatch and split fold-down rear seats give you versatility and space for whatever kind of gear you want to carry. So load up, head out and have fun.
Choose from a portfolio of vinyl designs created specifically for Veloster. And the best part about it, your Hyundai Graphics carry the same 3-year/36,000-mile warranty as your vehicle.
Veloster leaves quite an impression on everyone who sees it. After taking in its beautiful design and unique personality, named the Veloster "Coolest New Car Under $18,000." Want to learn more about our commitment to designing better vehicles? - US Award


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