The All New 2015 Sonata Hybrid | Exterior

Hybrids don't need to be shaped like a cheese wedge to get better gas mileage. The Sonata Hybrid exhibits a sleek, sculptured design that achieves a class-leading lowest 0.25 coefficient of drag.

The Sonata Hybrid is different, but not eccentric. A raked roofline, modern design and 16-inch or available 17-inch alloy wheels lower aerodynamic drag while adding style. Its LED headlight accents and LED tail lights also distinguish the Sonata Hybrid. Standard front fog lights and side mirror-mounted turn-signal indicators increase visibility and appeal, while the Blue Drive® badge shows you're leading the way to lower emissions.
Heated side mirrors ward off frost, while speed-sensing wipers work harder the faster you drive. The intentionally large windows increase visibility, reduce blind spots and contribute to a feeling of spaciousness and ride comfort for you and your passengers.
Solar control windows help block UV rays to protect the interior, and you, from the wrath of the sun. The cooler cabin means you can use less air conditioning, saving gas and the environment.

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