The All New 2015 Sonata Hybrid | Safety

Owning a Hyundai Sonata Hybrid means you don't have to sacrifice on safety. Active and passive standard safety features plus a host of other advanced safety technologies. In addition, the Sonata model line was awarded a 2015 NHTSA 5-Star Overall Safety Rating.
NHTSA studies show passenger cars equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) experience 35% fewer single-vehicle crashes, and 30% fewer single-vehicle fatalities. The Electronic Stability Control (ESC) System is an electronic system designed to help the driver maintain vehicle control under diverse conditions. ESC also includes Traction Control System (TCS), which reduces wheelspin when accelerating.
By reducing wheelspin in various adverse traction conditions, including inclement weather, Traction Control System (TCS) helps give more stable and predictable acceleration for a more confident, controlled driving experience. Want to learn more about our commitment to safety?
Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) balances braking forces at each wheel of the vehicle depending on road conditions, available traction, the weight of the passengers and cargo that the vehicle is carrying and even the speed the driver is going. This helps the driver maintain confident control in difficult braking situations. For emergency braking maneuvers, the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) helps prevent the possibility of wheel lockup under braking and rapidly pulses the brakes to help you retain steering control as you come to a stop.


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